Watch Out For These Healthy & Amazing Products Of KIRR

Health is not just wealth nowadays — it is everything. Without proper health, our body will simply not be able to function well and our life will be cut short because of different health problems or complications.

Now, the search for healthy, clean, and amazing products is at the top priority of every individual. But most of the time, it is very challenging to select the best and the right products amid the millions, maybe billions, of available choices everywhere.


What if there is one brand concept that provides consumers truly healthy and guilt-free food? This is the wonder that KIRR Concept has been excellently fulfilling.

KIRR or Keeping It Real & Raw is a concept that offers healthy, clean, organic, and natural products under various brands and categories such as food, health and beauty, home, slow fashion, kids, and pets.


1) Clearspring’s Organic Apple and Strawberry Puree 200 grams

This organic fruit puree is the perfect healthy alternative to fast food and other junk snacks. Made of 10% strawberries and 90% apples, which are 100% organically grown, this puree can be eaten on its own or together with cereals, yoghurt, or crackers. What makes this healthier is that it has no artificial flavors, artificial colors, preservatives, sweeteners, and concentrates. You can surely enjoy this guilt-free food every day.

2) Coconut Matter’s Unscented Vegan Natural Deodorant Stick

This wonderful deodorant stick performs three actions – 1) it eliminates body odor, 2) it enhances the skin on the underarms, and 3) it boosts comfort and confidence with its natural scent. Will there be any other deodorant better than this? This deodorant stick has no plastic, no alcohol, no fragrance, no toxins, no phthalates, no silicone, no parabens, no baking soda, no aluminum, vegan, cruelty-free, and hypoallergenic. It does not leave any stains or residues and it will improve the health of your underarm’s skin. This deodorant stick is made of super fruits, antioxidants, and odor-eliminating ingredients.

3) Ecostore’s 3-in-1 Kids Conditioning Body Wash and Shampoo

One of the best selling products of KIRR for kids is this amazing conditioning body wash and shampoo. Kids can now enjoy their cleaning and bathing time with this kid-friendly product. Not only is it gentle, but this product is plant-based and therefore very safe for kid’s use. They can use it for shampooing their hair, for conditioning their hair, and for cleaning their entire body. Its bottle dispenser is very easy for kid’s to use and the formulation is certified gentle and quick to rinse off. Made with plant-based ingredients, this product has a foaming formulation and zesty fragrance.

4) Bamboa’s Bamboo Facemask

Why buy other facemasks when you can get this amazing bamboo facemask from Bamboa? Here are the seven benefits of using this bamboo facemask: 1) It is biodegradable and sustainable; 2) It is durable and can be used for years; 3) It is made of breathable materials; 4) It has cooling effect on the skin/face; 5) It will not leave marks on the face; 6) It is made of smooth as silk materials; and 7) It has natural antibacterial properties and therefore stops bacterial growth on the material. This bamboo facemask is available in different colors: grey, midnight blue, mint, flamingo, sky blue, and white.

5) MrOrganic’s Organic Cleanser for Paws

Made with water, aloe vera, organic glycerin, organic coconut oil, sweet orange organic essential oil, niaouli oil, refined sunflower oil, and castile soap, this product is a safe and effective paw cleanser for all fur babies. It can be easily used for cleaning and massaging the paws by using the soft brush attached on the product. After every use, the soft brush is advised to be cleaned and dried.